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Vall de Boí Time Lapse – Pyrenees

Time Lapse of 3 different moments in a same day, sunny morning at Pla de l’Ermita, cloudy mid day at Embals de Cavallers and snowy afternoon at Pla de l’Ermita.

Stars Time Lapse – Pyrenees

Time Lapse shooted at Sieste, in the Huesca Pyrenees during a nigth at the end of march. 460 pictures took each 30″, f 2.8.

Friendly Seagull

A friendly Seagull in Mount Royal Park (Montreal). She seems to say: “Don’t take my sandwich”

Torrassa Swamp

Torrassa Swamp

A beautiful view of the Torrassa Swamp with the mirroring ot the mountains over the lake.

Bats Collection

A crazy collection of bats shoot with flash in a warm night of september.

Night Spider

Night Spider

A non expected guest in our hotel room near Tremp, but a beautiful spider.

Garraf Beach

Garraf Beach

Black and white picture of Garraf beach, a small beach near Sitges, in an april morning.

Sunrise in Barcelona

Sunrise in Barcelona in the morning of one of the first spring days of the year.

Saguenay Fjord

Saguenay Fjord in Quebec

Picture ot the Saguenay Fjord in Quebec, crossing the river over the ferry from Saint Catherine’s Bay to Tadoussac.

Canyon Sainte-Anne

Canyon Sainte-Anne

Canyon Sainte-Anne is a spectacular gorge, carved by the Sainte-Anne-du-Nord River, on Beaupré, Quebec, Canada. The river drops over a 74 m (243 ft) waterfall within the canyon.